Saturday, July 26, 2014

NEW blog

I have been working on my new blog.  I know that sounds crazy since I don't write in this one very often, but you know me I don't do things the normal way.
I think I will write stories in the other one and continue to just fool around in this one.
The name of the other little guy is https://www.Lemon can be tart but he's my best strange name right?
I have put the first 2 chapters of the book I am trying to write  to start off. If you can find it and it is hard to find  because I have done something wrong as usual, just keep punching and go through Fun times with Sass. If you know who to fix it please let me know.
I am excited and have been for awhile. Our youngest son has retired from the Air Force and the family is moving about 100 miles from here. They are in the process now of trying to find a house, schools. and things like that. I am so happy that we will finally be living close enough to see each other more often.  You know jobs are still hard to find out there, especially since so many military people are coming home, but our son was extremely lucky to find work that was willing to pay for his potential of all those years in the Air Force.  Sometimes God steps in a gives you the nicest gifts.  But you know that don't ya?
Guess I'll put another chapter in the other blog.
Have a great weekend you only get this time once so enjoy it and remember who to thank.

luv ya Sass

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I have more troubles with this blog so I think I;ll add another one.

I wrote some poems the other day and somehow lost them again I just made them up as  I went  a
 long so I of course didn't save them either.  I think the second one was fairly good, maybe not, but I'm not  sure I even know what I wrote about.. Is this old age or am I losing it. either way it sure makes things hard at times.   SO I\ will make this short for now and start looking for my poems.
OH by the way. I have started to write a novel. I thought I would write a chapter almost everyday and put it on my new blog.Will some one or lots of someones critic it and let me know how I am doing
I think I am going to name the next blog. Something with Lemon in it I am off to find the poems.
Did you go to church Sunday? I did and I feel lighter somehow for going. It was so good to be back.A hunting I will go a hunting I will go. HI HO the dairy oh . A hunting I will go.  Luv ya Sass

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014

HI again

I should be doing lots of other things but I just wanted to talk a bit. So how was your day?  Mine was quiet as usual. It has been all year, but I am hoping things will get busy around here before too much longer.
I think I have this years Christmas program all finished.  That takes tons of pressure off me.  I didn't used to get worried about my writing, but the older I get the goofier I get. Knowing how old I am I have probably reached my limit of goofy.
Have you noticed that when you try to type on the computer in the late evenings you misspell or reverse letters all the time.  It makes me so mad.  Believe it or not when I graduated from high school.I went to work at J I Case Company in Racine Wisconsin.  I was the fastest  verifier in our office. IF you never had the  opportunity to key punch or verify you have really missed out.  Everyone starts as a key punch operator. That was really the beginning of computers.  My point I was trying to make, when my mind wandered away. Was I was really really good. Sorry if it sounds like I am bragging,which I am I guess, I won all kinds of awards for my speed  and accuracy.  I was put in charge of the verifying group after only  working there
for 3months. And I had never seen those kind of machines before I started. You see I was hired to be one of the big shots secretary.Because of my secretarial skills. MY teacher in business class recommend me, and somehow this man and I clicked,  No now get your mind out of the gutter, I had just turned 17 and he had a daughter that age.  I think if I remember right I worked for him for 3 weeks. One morning the big big bosses came from out of town.  They walked straight into his office and escorted him out..One of the big guys turned to me and  told me to pack up everything that looked personal and take it to the guard. I was so scared. They finally took me into his office and explained That he was an alcoiholic and he had been sending all kinds of weird stuff and of course coming to work drunk.They told that one of the ways they caught up with him was because I had fixed so much of his stuff that he was breaking even and even making a profit
I felt bad, but he came in and we talked. He was demoted and they sent him to rehab.  the job was too stressful for him.We stayed friends until I left Wisconsin ,Now why did I tell you this ? OH yes! I was trying to show you that having parkinsons and getting old combined make typing on  computers very difficult
Do you remember the cartoon where the character said with a Spanish accent"easy for you difficult for me" my mind went wandering again.
well kiddies that's my story for today.Come back some other time and we will talk some more
Until later remember there is someone who loves you more than life itself. Can you take a little time this week even  if ti's a minute/  Just think you could be brushing your teeth. Stop look in the mirror and tell him good morning or if you don't have time for that say thank you,. He'll  get it.

Luv ya  Sass

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

howdy do How are ALL OF YOU?

I have been finding out things about my health that are making life a bit better now.  I have had surgery and it seems to have taken a lot of my pain away.  I still have all the  fun that goes along with Parkinson's but I can handle it better now.
So what have you been doing/ have you been in the rainy areas?.  I feel so sorry for those poor people.  And the people out west with the mud slides. Good is sure having fun with us isn't he or maybe its\'s the other guy what do you think?
There has been so much going on in the world.  The shootings by these young people I don't understand it. I was watching the news this morning and the parents of the boy who did the shooting the other day said they gave him everything he wanted to try and keep him calm.  He had a fancy car and all those guns.  Just what he needed.  I think I would have put him in some kind of institution.
I don't mean one those fancy places where they have freedom and things I would put him in a mental institution and let him see what kind of life he was going to have.This sounds terrible but, he is probably where he should be. can you imagine living with those demons forever?
And did you hear President Obama say that the US will be coming home for good by the end of the year.  The only thing I worry about is where are these heroes going to work.  Walmart says they will hire thousands.  Thank you Walmart. I just hope those coming home won't think its beneath them to work at Walmart .  We will see.
OK time to think about the next meal.
Have a good week, Remember to say good morning to him.

Luv ya SaSS

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sometimes you just get lucky /and sometimes you don't

Fi you,

Fr st of all let me apologize for not writing lately.  I have been so busy getting the church Christmas play written and now the fun part begins as I choose the players ,  At least this year we won't have to decorate much on the stage.  OH does  anyone know how to build a SUV for the stage? Almost  the entire thing takes place while they are traveling to grandmas house. The people who usually design the set will not be there as their daughter is getting dare she right?

he other time consuming thing has been getting a book of poems published.  The book is called Just Thoughts by Sharon Dock it's not much but I tried

AS  you can tell I am not using voice recognition today. I am afraid  my computer needs a whole new something.It has a mind of its own. 
I met the most fascinating women while playings Canasta on line this morning. her name is Sandy fun Texas/ Since I have retired I haven't been there but once.  I Miss flying over the roads as your landing . The first time scared me so much.  And you know I"m not scared of anything. one of the first things I noticed about Sandy was her respect for the Lord and those who follow his teaching.  The second thing was her love for children and family.  I just really like her and even if we never talk again I will hold you in my heart  as a friend.
MY friend Judy is due to have surgery soon.  It is a very scary surgery.  If you get a sec Say a little prayer for her please.  She has had a  mighty rough year. Judy we  love you., but you all ready knew that di dn't you.  Love you more.
And I will talk  to you about publishing when you are better OK?

There I got  some stuff taken care of .  I feel better now.

Ihope your week was good and your weekend even better

Church should top it off just right.

Luv ya. Sass