Saturday, July 26, 2014

NEW blog

I have been working on my new blog.  I know that sounds crazy since I don't write in this one very often, but you know me I don't do things the normal way.
I think I will write stories in the other one and continue to just fool around in this one.
The name of the other little guy is https://www.Lemon can be tart but he's my best strange name right?
I have put the first 2 chapters of the book I am trying to write  to start off. If you can find it and it is hard to find  because I have done something wrong as usual, just keep punching and go through Fun times with Sass. If you know who to fix it please let me know.
I am excited and have been for awhile. Our youngest son has retired from the Air Force and the family is moving about 100 miles from here. They are in the process now of trying to find a house, schools. and things like that. I am so happy that we will finally be living close enough to see each other more often.  You know jobs are still hard to find out there, especially since so many military people are coming home, but our son was extremely lucky to find work that was willing to pay for his potential of all those years in the Air Force.  Sometimes God steps in a gives you the nicest gifts.  But you know that don't ya?
Guess I'll put another chapter in the other blog.
Have a great weekend you only get this time once so enjoy it and remember who to thank.

luv ya Sass
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